Vels B.V.


Transport by road is also known as trucking. At Wholesale by Vels we have a lot of knowledge based on our extensive experience about this kind of transport modality.

The most known service is seen as a truck with a trailer behind it, but there is a huge variety of truck services.

At Wholesale by Vels we focus mainly on two types of trucking:
Industrial Trucking: Moving general cargo from A to B, either on a direct or groupage service. This service is not always the fastest, but it is cost effective.
Airfreight Trucking: Moving airfreight from one airport to another airport, either on a direct our groupage service. This service is mostly faster versus Industrial trucking, but also more expensive

For our European Gateway services we make use of both types. Our Door-to-Door services are mostly operated by Industrial Groupage trucks.

In case you have just one or two pallets, but need a fast connection, then consider a direct courier.

Are you in need of road transport service? Get in contact with our team and they will assist you with the best available options.