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Sending a shipment by express (or courier service) can be really convenient.
The most known express services are operated by integrators like:

DHL Wholesale by Vels
UPS Wholesale by Vels
FedEx Wholesale by Vels
TNT Wholesale by Vels

In general the service levels are pretty equal based on the regular express product. There is some diversification available, which is also known as Standard Service or Economy Service. It is subject the integrators sales and services setup.

The convenient part of express is the fact that shipments are being picked up and delivered to the recipient. It is important the goods are properly packed (should be able to fall at least 150 cms withouth damage) and the accompanied invoice should contain as much as possible information.

Is your shipment extraordinary bulky or heavy, then also consider other modalities like a Direct Courier or Airfreight

At Wholesale by Vels we have some really valuable express deals to offer.
Feel free to contact our Express Team, even if you have just 1 express shipment a year.