Vels B.V.


If you want to transport goods for example from the EU to the USA, it is mandatory to make the Customs Authorities aware. Issuing customs documentation for both imports and exports are subject to a lot of rules and regulations. And you need a license to do these entries.

Therefore Whole by Vels has agreements with independent customs brokers. They have all the knowledge and licenses in place to support the export or import clearance process.

In many circumstances, subject to the country, it is mandatory to provide a Power of Attorney (POA) or confirm Direct Representation to a specific customs broker. This process is important and needs to be confirmed by a Principal of the company to make sure the Tax-ID or VAT number is validated and approved to be used.

Do you want to know more about Customs documentation or general shipping documentation? Just let us know and we will bring you in contact with the best possible contact.