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Collaborative Freight Forwarders

At Wholesale by Vels we always focus on supporting our customers by assisting them to achieve the best possible results. Therefore we have a launched a new service: Collaborative Freight Forwarders.
Collaborative Freight Forwarders or CFF is a service to (international) freight forwarders to optimize a specific lane or returning business by bringing it together with business from an other forwarder.


One of your customers has weekly 1000 kgs volumetric (GCR) general cargo from Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia. It is very steady and the reliability is clockwise. The cost to move this cargo is confirmed at Euro 5.00 per chargeable kg by the airline. Preferably you would like to bring your cost down, to provide your customer a financial benefit or to maintain the business for a long period. Ideally you would like to have regular dense cargo next to it to ‘kill’ the volume. Unfortunately your sales team is not able to find this kind of business. We at Wholesale by Vels are only in contact with forwarders and we can find that specific cargo for you.

Do you want to know more about the operational handling and financial side of Collaborative Freight Forwarding? Get in contact with our team and we will explain you the setup.