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Consolidating cargo is a very common practice within air and ocean freight. Especially the bigger (international) freight forwarders are doing this.

What are the advantages of consolidations? First of all, it is valuable to book space in advance and set times. This will allow our customers to make bookings, where we already know the scheduled departures in advance. Second of all, there is a financial advantage, as these consolidations are based on contract deals. Consolidation in are mainly used for General Cargo (GCR).

At Wholesale by Vels we focus on two types of consolidations:

Export consolidations
Import consolidations

We also support a new way of thinking, which is called: Collaborative Freight Forwarders.

For overseas forwarders and partners it can be interesting to set up their own consolidations from for example Amsterdam. At Wholesale by Vels we support this setup. Check our information with regards to Building your own consolidation.

Do you want to know more about how to consolidate or our own consolidations? Get in contact with Wholesale by Vels.