Vels B.V.

Our Philosophy

The founder of Wholesale by Vels, Rinaldo Vels, is since 1997 active within the air cargo industry. The JET-A1 fuel ‘runs’ through his veins and is highly committed to make air cargo available to as much as possible companies within the policy of the business.

The process of arranging transport from one place to another can be easy, but knowledge is key. At Wholesale by Vels we want to support our customers by exchanging knowledge and experience. Most importantly, ‘No’ can also be an answer in case we are not able to support a certain request.

We love what we do, we care about people and continously focus on supporting the new generation. This is mandatory for the future of the air cargo business, as we are concerned about the fact that the youngsters are not becoming ‘street smart’ anymore due to the digitalization.

It is a peoples business at the end, where we at Wholesale by Vels are the people behind the scenes to make the air cargo process work.