Vels B.V.

Mission, Value & Vision

We are the Full Service Cargo Wholesaler of choice, where personal service is our key to our customers success. With our wholesale function, we ensure that all transportation companies can offer competitive airfreight services to their customers.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Wholesale means:

“Of or fortheselling of goods in large amounts at low pricesto shops and businesses, rather than the selling of goods in shops to customers”.


Wholesale prices


A wholesale supplier/business


We only sell wholesale, not to the public

At Vels B.V. we do not make our services available to buyers and/or sellers of products (shippers and/or consignees). We maintain this by having a very clear application process.

The airfreight industry is extraordinary regulated and as a forwarder you have to comply with a lots of rules. Therefore we have decided to provide our services only to companies within the transport sector. Just to make sure booking airfreight with airlines is available for all these companies. We take care of the rules and regulations, so the forwarder (IATA or NON-IATA), courier company, 3PL/4PL company or trucking company can provide or extend its service portfolio withairfreight services.

We always deal directly with the airlines or their respective representatives (ie GSA). This allows our customers to obtain competitive prices and establish their own competitive approach.

Our vision is to become the Boutique Cargo Wholesale Company in the world.


In case you have any questions about our our services, then please get in contact with us.