Vels B.V.

Cargo Wholesale Company

Based in the Netherlands.

We are independent
and provide our services only to transportation companies and forwarders.

IATA Wholesale by Vels

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International Network Solutions Wholesale by Vels

In need of a network solution for your overseas business?

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Consolidations to Wholesale by Vels

Consolidations to?

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide logistics and support services to these companies who are not able make airline bookings directly due to the complexity of the business, transportation companies who are in need of a global network and as well consolidation services for these forwarders who are looking for competitive pricing. CargoPilot is our own online platform to support our customers to obtain live quotes and make bookings with the airlines.


Our Goal Wholesale by Vels


The process of arranging for goods to be transport, especially to another country, that what’s freight forwarding is all about. And that’s where we help with our cargo wholesale business.


You have the business, we have the network

Looking for a competitive rate on one of our export or imports consolidations?